registration.jpgFor additional information or registration information, please Contact Us directly.

Fees are payable on the first week of the month. Subsidies may be available through the Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security.  See below for our subsidy policy.

We are licensed through the Department of Health with Community Care Facilities Board.

Visitors are welcome!! A phone call would help us to arrange a time to suit your needs. Space for observers may be limited.

Subsidy policy:

(a) Children may receive child care through the Malaspina Child Development Society for up to three months while a child care subsidy is being processed; however

(b) The Malaspina Child Development Society must receive a phone call from the Ministry of Children and Family Development within one month of the child beginning care to confirm that the application has been received and is being processed.

(c) After three months parents/guardians will be required to pay all outstanding fees and will be reimbursed once the subsidy has been received.

(d) It is the full responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the Ministry of Children and Family Development to ensure the progress of their application and to request that the Malaspina Child Development Society be contacted with this information.