About Us

about.jpgWe are a nonprofit organization that operates Malaspina Child Care Centre and Preschool as a public service. 

We have a volunteer Board of Directors who aid us in policy and decision making and act as a support group. 

We welcome participation from parents in many helpful ways such as serving on our Board of Directors, assisting on field trips, attending meetings, participating at workparties, assisting a teacher with a special project, etc.. 

Our Child Care Centre has been successfully operating since 1974. 

Read about our Basic Goals and Philosophy.


The Child Care Centre

Head Supervisor / Administrator
Gail Haug
Early Childhood Educator since 1978

Maureen Thorton
Early Childhood Educator since 1983

Tina Scott
Early Childhood Educator since 1991
Special Needs Certificate 1998

Sherry Jones
Early Childhood Educator since 1994

Kathy Griswold
Early Childhood Educator since 1996

Preschool / Out-of-School-Care

Head Supervisor / Administrator
 Renee Unger
Early Childhood Educator